Note from the Chair

Dear Fellows in Continental Europe,

As the summer heat subsides the September Assembly is quickly approaching. As in previous years, this autumn assembly will take place online, providing a rare opportunity for observers and newcomers to region service to participate at no expense and in the convenience of their own homes. As trusted servants let’s all try to bring along a buddy or two on September 2nd. Assembly log-in details and the agenda (attached) are available online here.

As we squeeze two days’ work into less than 5½ hours for the online meeting, the agenda is very ambitious and time management will be important, so please join the call at least 15 minutes in advance, so we can get going at 9.00 am. Please also submit any written reports to the secretary well in advance so they can be uploaded to the online files. It would also be a good idea for you to prepare for the assembly by reading the uploaded assembly documents. 

Not only will we be sharing experience, strength and hope between intergroups and groups, but we will also hear region officer reports, trustee news, the latest from our conference delegates, GDPR insights, and much more. New trusted servants will be elected into the following key positions: secretary, public information officer, vice-chair and two alternate delegates. Nominations will be accepted right up until September 2nd, so keep spreading the word. For more information, please refer to our service position page on our website here. Note: the Regional PI Officer’s meeting is on at GSO in York on the 14th – 15th of September 2018 and it would be a great introduction if our newly elected PI officer could attend.

Furthermore, please see the attached invitation to our next assembly in December 2018, which will be in Bratislava, Slovakia. If you wish to stay at the hotel where the assembly is being held, please book before the 15th of September as the hotel cannot guarantee availability of rooms after that date. More info is available online here.

I look forward to breaking further new ground with you on September 2nd in the pursuit of our primary purpose.

In fellowship,

Chair, Continental European Region