Note from the Chair

Dear CER Members,

Attached with this email please find the agenda for the CER Meeting in Vienna, March 3rd and 4th, 2018. It is again full – a wonderful sign of the service work being performed in CER.

We will be considering the Conference Questions, hearing reports from CER officers and the Steering Committee, as well as from ad-hoc committees that have been following up on Region decisions.

We have the opportunity to elect a new Regional Young People’s Liaison Officer (YPLO), as Diana has stepped down due to new family commitments. We thank her for her service.

The YPLO position is a wonderful opportunity for service in an area where CER has led the way within our service structure. The YPLO Regional Seminar will be at GSO in York the following weekend, so there is the possibility that a new CER YPLO could leap immediately into a rich sharing of experience, strength and hope with others doing the same service.

We are grateful to the Vienna Fellowship for their hospitality in hosting us in their beautiful city this weekend — and especially to Carina, who has served as the local point person. We look forward to a great weekend of service and fellowship.

We are experimenting again this weekend with providing online access to the Assembly, following up on a CER decision from 2015. If this goes well, we will come back with a detailed plan as to how to make it possible for future CER Assemblies.

As many of you know, this will be Nigel’s last CER Assembly as the General Service Board Trustee from CER. Nigel has been elected to serve as Chair of the General Service Board. We will miss him, but know the Board and the Fellowship will be extremely well served by his leadership. Thank you Nigel!

Finally, this will also be my last CER Assembly as your Chair.

Following on from your nomination for me to serve as Regional Trustee on the General Service Board, I have been notified that the Board has confirmed my appointment, commencing at the 2018 General Service Conference (13-15 April 2018) for a four-year term.

I am therefore resigning as Chair of CER, effective Sunday, 18 March 2018. This will allow a two-week period for follow-up (minutes, etc.) after the Vienna Assembly.

The Steering Committee has considered the transition and, taking into account the relatively short window between now and the March Assembly, has decided to hold the election for a new CER Chair at the June Assembly in Düsseldorf. This will allow potential candidates more time to consider standing and the Region more time to consider those candidates.

Patrick, as Vice-Chair, will chair the June Assembly as well as the Steering Committee meetings from 18 March until June. I will of course assist with the transition and will support the new Chair in any way I can.

I want to thank CER for these last two-plus years as your Chair and for the opportunity to serve. I am moved and humbled by the trust you have placed in me, both as Chair and now as the designate Trustee from CER. I am grateful for the service you perform and the spirit of willingness you’ve all brought to the Region.

I look forward to continuing our journey together the next four years.

In Fellowship,


Chair, Continental European Region (CER)

Agenda CER Assembly March 2018 v1.0