Online 7th Tradition and Anonymity

Many Groups in our Region have reached out expressing concerns on how to best collect 7thTradition money during this period when we are not able to hold physical face-to-face meetings. While there are several viable options to do this, and, in fact, in some parts of our Region passing a virtual basket has been the norm for some time (see Sweden), questions have come up regarding anonymity. Experience has shown this is more an issue of privacy rather than anonymity. Here are some considerations and suggestions that might be useful.

Tradition Eleven: “Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films.”

We are currently unaware of an option for group members to donate anonymously online. However, as our 11th Tradition reminds us, we must remain anonymous “at the level of press, radio, and films”. This does not apply to online banking. Experienced members have stated that this is perhaps more of a privacy issue. As trusted servants, and in the spirit of Tradition 12 where “anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions”, our Group Treasurers are obliged to preserve the privacy of all contributors.

Here are some suggestions for passing the basket (if available):

  1. Donate to a member’s PayPal account (advantage: international visitors can also donate)
  2. Direct deposit to a member’s personal account, usually the Group Treasurer
  3. Direct deposit to your Group or Intergroup’s bank account (advantages: secure, members can set up standing order)
  4. Donate to your Group or Intergroup’s PayPal account. (advantage: international visitors can donate)
  5. Other online methods such as BIZM or local options such as SWISH
  6. Putting donations in an envelope and keeping it aside at home until face-to-face
    meetings resume (advantage: anonymous; disadvantage: 7thTradition cash flow)

Please consider that even if meetings are not gathering face-to-face, our Fellowship still has real, ongoing expenses, (e.g. bank account, website, online meeting platform membership, room rent, insurance, phone line, etc.). Let’s keep supporting our fellowship during this challenging period to ensure the hand of AA will continue to always be there for those who need it.

The Pot… Where AA money and spirituality

Editor’s note: this article has been published in accordance with our ArenA Editorial Policy.

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