Online Meeting Safety and Anonymity

This information is offered to help members access online meetings anonymously and for Groups to provide a safer meeting place. We also suggest that each Group holds regular group conscience meetings to discuss what works best for their members.

More good practices and experience from our Fellowship will continue to be shared here as new information becomes available. We would be most interested to hear how your group has responded to the challenges of moving online. Please let us know via an email to our ArenA Editor at


  • If using Zoom, all groups are encouraged to have both a “Host” and “Co-Host” in every meeting as service positions. One host would act as the traditional chair while the other manages muting & hand raising and can be free to handle meeting intrusions.
  • Groups may want to consider using “waiting rooms” or password protected meeting rooms, and request that members email the meeting host beforehand to get the password.


  • Click for Suggested Anonymity and Default Zoom Settings
  • All Members ought to be mindful of using their full name and personal/work email address when joining online meetings as personally identifiable information may be visible when you log in. Members may choose to create and use a generic email address e.g.
  • It is not compulsory to use video, so Members and / or Groups may wish to consider whether they make use of it or not.
  • While anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, personal anonymity is a personal responsibility.

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