Zurich Intergroup Logs On


As of February 2019, Zurich Intergroup is now providing online participation at its monthly meetings using an instant messaging client. General Service Representatives and AA members from local and more distant fellowships are now able to attend our meetings virtually. 

This is great news for groups such as Lugano AA which, after joining Zurich IG in 2014, needed six hours of travel time in order to attend intergroup meetings. Zurich IG meets ten times a year and plans to continue offering online participation. This has prompted us to purchase our own subscription for the online services. CER currently uses this app for its quarterly assemblies as do many online AA meetings across continental Europe. 

In addition, we have also purchased a tabletop wireless speaker/microphone. We have received positive feedback about its sound quality from one meeting in particular. Eight members were present at the intergroup meeting while some other members participated remotely from Lugano. So far, Zurich IG has invested approximately 250€ in setting up online participation in its meetings. 

As our meetings with online participation are now running smoothly,  Zurich IG has decided to invite AA groups from nearby regions to join our intergroup. These include fellowships in Bern, Basel, Luzern, and Lake Constance in Germany. In our invitation, we have given them the option of either joining us in person or online. We are hopeful our efforts will enable more groups and members to participate in AA’s service structure, furthering their own and others’ recovery from alcoholism. 

Yours in service, 

Barbara P.
Zurich IG CER Representative


Editor’s note: this article has been published in accordance with our ArenA Editorial Policy.