Alternate Delegate for Region to the General Service Conference

Alternate Delegate for Region to the General Service Conference

1 open position for September 2023

What is Conference?

The General Service Conference (GSC) of AA Great Britain (AA GB) is held when Delegates from all Regions that make up the service structure in GB, which includes CER, come together every April in York, England to review annual reports and discuss future matters. Conference therefore defines both the service structure of AA and is the annual meeting of its representatives.

Conference is the practical means by which the group conscience of AA can express itself and deal with questions that affect AA as a whole. The Conference structure was created when Bill W. and Dr. Bob wanted to retire from actively leading AA. They turned over to the fellowship the task of answering questions pertaining to the running of AA, in a format that is still used today.

Conference is the time when the General Service Board (GSB) of the AA Structure (the Trustees, employees and GSO Management) report to the fellowship about the previous year’s activities and is the Annual General Business Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous GB. Refer to the Process Map for more details, with the latest PDF and animated versions available on our website.

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