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The CER Chair is responsible for chairing the CER quarterly assemblies, setting the agenda of these meetings (with the assistance and guidance of the Secretary, the Steering Committee and input from CER Officers and members), chairing Steering Committee meetings, and communicating as required with members, groups, intergroups, CER officers, and outside entities.

The CER Chair is also chair of CERES* (the legal entity which supports CER in carrying out its activities).

The Chair will be the “originator” for negotiating with venues and facilities for CER face-to-face meetings, in those instances when CER makes its own arrangements for CER meetings. The Chair will consult, advise and assist local hosts when CER meetings are hosted by local AA Intergroups and/or Groups.


Length of Sobriety: Three Years.

The Chair should be familiar with The Twelve Traditions and The Twelve Concepts and service literature, including ‘The AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain’ and ‘The AA Service Handbook for Great Britain’.

The Chair should also be aware of the CER Digest of Decisions.