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Health Liaison Officer (HLO)

Health Liaison Officer (HLO)


The Healthcare Liaison Officer (HLO) role within the Continental European Region (CER) of Alcoholics Anonymous is centered around bridging the gap between AA and the healthcare sector. The primary focus is to establish and maintain communication with healthcare professionals to promote awareness of AA as a valuable, cost-free resource for individuals struggling with alcoholism.

Key responsibilities include representing AA to healthcare professionals, elucidating what AA is and its non-professional, fellowship-based approach. The HLO is also tasked with monitoring national alcohol policies and identifying collaborative opportunities with health services. Another important aspect of the role is to foster interest and encourage health liaison service within AA itself.

The HLO is expected to report back to CER, advocating for AA’s mission and adherence to its Twelve Traditions in all interactions. Responsiveness is a crucial aspect of this role, with a typical commitment to reply to emails within 72 hours.


Responsibility Details
Communication Establishes and maintains contact with healthcare professionals.
Promotion Advocates for AA as a resource for healthcare professionals and those suffering from alcoholism.
Education Provides information about AA’s non-professional, fellowship-based approach.
Policy Monitoring Keeps abreast of national alcohol policies and identifies collaboration opportunities.
Internal Engagement Stimulates interest and encourages health liaison service within AA.
Reporting Reports back to CER and ensures adherence to AA’s Twelve Traditions.
Responsiveness Commits to responding to emails within 72 hours.