PI Blurb :-)

Hello CER!! My name is Jacob M. and I am your new public information officer! 🙂

Currently residing in Brussels, I got sober in New York City on 6 July 2013. As a member of AA who’s made service central to my recovery, I look forward to carrying the message as PIO. The biggest challenge entering this role is building up a comprehensive contact list of GSR’s and PIO’s for groups and intergroups.

Intergroups and groups, please send a note to pi.cer@nullaamail.org with a summary of upcoming PI initiatives. The more I know of ongoing PI activities, initiatives, and hurdles, the more assistance and support I can provide. Additionally, if you know of individuals looking to do service, I’ll be organising committees and subcommittees throughout the remainder of my three-year term. In the spirit of unity, be on the lookout for regularly scheduled online forums to share ideas – starting in 2019.

If you have other questions, or are simply passing through Brussels, please reach out – I’m always happy to meet for a coffee.

Yours in service,

Jacob M.