Poster Proposal Submitted to Conference

Proposal for four new posters
submitted to Conference


In 2017 Conference supported Committee 4’s recommendation that all the Fellowship should be invited to generate designs for new posters.

Daniel C and Mark P of East Lancs Intergroup, after looking at examples of AA posters here and internationally, have drawn up some very effective posters. They have submitted four designs to the PI and Literature Sub-Committees.

As well as being clear and having a real impact, the posters include a QR code which can be read by a mobile phone and can then provide the enquirer with details of nearby AA meetings.

The images used come from iStock, and the company has many such images which could be used by GSO and the Fellowship.

The designs have been sent out to the Fellowship for comment. It is the Literature Sub Committees recommendation that these posters be approved by Conference 2018 for national use.

We should like to express sincere gratitude to Daniel and Mark for their work on behalf of the Fellowship.

Literature Sub Committee

National Posters WOMAN WINDOWSILL_WITH_QR A4 201217

National Posters WINE GLASS_WITH_QR A4 201217

National Posters MAN WINDOW_WITH_QR A4 201217

National Posters BOTTLE_WITH_QR A4 201217