Public Information Workshop

A very successful PI Workshop was held last Saturday, October 28th and a good variety of members attended. We discussed a great selection of issues relating to public information opportunities for meetings and intergroups.

If your intergroup does not currently have a ‘PI Liaison Officer’ then it is a worthwhile idea to offer the position to group members and to vote someone into this position. Your new officer would then form a ‘committee’ made up from the various groups in your area. Register your new Officer with York and you will find a huge range of material available to you for PI work.

It was generally agreed amongst ourselves that the most important place to reach out to first would be the English-speaking international schools in your area. We would usually include all ages from 8 to 18. Although it can be difficult to reach the right teacher to move forward, it is worth pursuing the challenge of arranging assemblies of students or visits to individual classrooms. On the Costa del Sol, we have always been invited back with great enthusiasm.

There are a whole range of posters of all different sizes available from our York Head Office. Daniel C: is very willing to help in any way he can. He has been involved in poster campaigns up and down the UK.

When it comes to hospitals, your group might simply provide posters and a few big books for their library. If you can arrange to talk with medical staff, that is even better. Thinking ‘small’ is not a bad way forward.

Often the local town halls and hotels can be very receptive to allowing hanging of posters and giving out information packs. Local newspapers and magazines are often very helpful and willing to place ads and articles without charge. Contact the editor directly and talk about what you would like to achieve.

We discussed the subject of working with our Host Nations. In some cases, like the Costa del Sol, we have a very good relationship. They hand out small calling cards to taxis and put our English-speaking AA telephone number on it. They have offered us the use of their office in Malaga but we do not really need it. Sometimes their officers attend our meetings. We do give our Spanish hosts a percentage of our 7th Tradition funds, although usually the majority goes to CER.

We discussed the fact that some Host Nations are not interested in working with English-speaking groups and CER. If it appears there is no interest in co-operation, there is little that can be done but to work with international/English-speaking organisations and groups instead.

Many of us have had complications with the issue of how best to hold 7th Tradition Funds at intergroup level. It was generally agreed amongst those members present that it was not really a good idea to share an account with the Host Nation. This could bring further complications. This is still a subject open to further discussion.

All members who attended felt it was a very worthwhile meeting of like-minds.

There is a competition to design a logo for the 75th Diamond Anniversary Convention, 10 -12 June, 2022. Competition is open to all fellowship members. Send entries to: by 31st December, 2017.

Please address any questions and comments regarding PI to me.

Rosalind S-G, PI Officer, CER.