Public Information Committee – We’re here to serve you!

In our continued efforts to provide more service to AA members, groups, and intergroups across the Continental European Region, the Public Information Officer (PIO) is working closely with the Young Persons Liason Officer (YPLO), Health Liason Officer (HLO), and the Regional Armed Services Liason Officer (RASLO). You can find goals from each officer and how you can make most of the resources CER provides in this e-mail. If you have an immediate question, feel free to reach out directly:


We are the link between European groups and intergroups, and the General Service Office (GSO) in York, England and are here to facilitate more support from GSO. Also, if you want to get involved at the CER level, you don’t have to wait for elections, each officer is always looking for support. Service is one of the keys to staying sober.

Public Information Officer – Jacob M

GSO in York wants to hear from you! As always, please send regular updates on what you’re doing at the group and intergroup level. If you have ideas requiring additional resources, feel free to pass them along.

Remember, you’re part of a large network. Direct communication is the key to receiving support. Feel free to reach out to This account is checked regularly.

If you’re uncertain as to which PI activities are most suited for your group or intergroup, invite the PIO to present at your next business meeting. The PIO is also interested in developing workshops where members can ask questions. These activities can happen either in person or online.

Based in Brussels, Belgium, the current PIO is willing to go to any lengths to carry the message. The work we’re doing isn’t limited to CER assemblies and lasts all year long. Again, feel free to drop a note to with any ideas you may have.

Young People’s Liaison Officer – Irma P

Recently elected at the March 2019 assembly and based in Vilnius, Lithuania, the regional YPLO wants to encourage more YPLO service positions at the intergroup level which would result in a European network of YPLO’s. Constant communication is important to receive support from the CER level, and is essential for creating a link between YPLO’s in Europe and GSO in York.

There’s a lot of materials, wisdom, and energy to be shared from GSO – the YPLO is here to help you make the most of these resources. Drop a note to if looking to engage more young people in your group and/or intergroup.

Additionally, the YPLO is active in YPAA conventions and is involved with the upcoming EURYPAA Conference in Barcelona – These events are a great place to share the message of how meetings, groups, intergroups, and CER are raising awareness through service, PI, and other activities that are geared towards young alcoholics (including those who are young at heart).

Health Liaison Officer – Bruce B

The HLO is focused and committed to working with health professionals and sharing the major role CER has in informing the medical community of how AA saves lives. At the group and intergroup level, the HLO is interested in setting up health-related workshops and debates around this unique service discipline. Anyone who is interested can reach out to Based in sunny Varna, Bulgaria, he’s willing to travel both near and far across the region.

Regional Armed Services Liaison Officer – Merrick M

Our RASLO has been busy working with other RASLO’s to share best practices and identify opportunities to bring AA to military members across the continent. Stationed at the American Military Hospital in Germany, the RASLO has direct access to patients going through a 6-week intensive outpatient treatment program. You can reach out to him at

One activity for carrying the message is setting up information tables during an awareness month (May-mental health month, June-men’s health month, etc). If there are current members willing to take that commitment, build rapport with local command leadership and present AA in a professional way – the RASLO sees this as excellent service to help the still suffering alcoholic find meetings.

Additionally, the RASLO sees engaging chaplain’s as a unique opportunity for bases to provide AA resources indirectly to servicemen. This is an anonymous resource the military provides which is primarily linked to troop welfare. Chaplains usually know of AA, but meeting with an AA member can help in clearing up misconceptions of its 12-step recovery methods.