Questions and Responses for a Spiritual Journey

I have been interviewing people for over fifty years. It is amazing what we can learn when we ask respectful openended questions and simply listen and write down the answers. We learn more about ourselves, each other, and the community we are in. Here are five questions I like to regularly ask myself and others.

How would you answer them…today?

(1) How would you describe yourself at this point in your life?

(2) What attracted you to AA and what helped you the most to stop drinking?

(3) What does being a member of AA mean to you today?

(4) Where do you find the most inspiration inside and outside of AA to stay sober today?

(5) How do you use your sobriety today inside and outside of AA?

The questions and responses aid me in my spiritual journey. My responses continually change as I learn more. One of the beautiful aspects of AA is that when someone spontaneously shares from the heart what is true for them, what is helping them stay sober, there is no debate. By listening to and learning from their success, I get better. I got sober and stay sober by imitating the behavior of people living life to its fullest without alcohol. “We absolutely insist on enjoying life,” page 132 of the Big Book says. How true when we get to know each other better by asking questions and simply listening.

Dan F., First164yp AA group, European Online Intergroup, Continental European Region