Open Call for Volunteers to Reassess CERES*

Continental European Region (CER) encompasses approximately 50 countries – entrusting it with special responsibilities. 

For example: 

  • Facilitating CER quarterly Assemblies (F2F and online)
  • Managing our own AA website (with an up-to-date European AA meetings list)
  • An email response team
  • Publishing our ArenA newsletter
  • Representing AA at European professional community conferences
  • Co-ordinating public information campaigns … and more.

Another important responsibility of CER is to allocate 7th Tradition contributions, which flow through our service structure to fund CER actions. For many years, collection and distribution of contributions to CER has been delegated to CER’s independent non-profit Association, CERES*. Originally incorporated in Germany, a new CERES* Association was founded in 2020 in Switzerland. 

The CERES* Board and CER are seeking members to join a 6-person working group interested in helping CER reassess the purpose of CERES* and revise its remit – if deemed necessary. The working group will be composed of 2 members each from the CERES* Board and the CER Steering Committee and 2 at-large members. 

The work of this group will be completed before the December CER Assembly at which a report will be presented. The working group will meet online as needed and address issues such as:

  • 1. What is the purpose of CERES* and what are the limits of its responsibilities?
  • 2. Do its Articles of Association align with CER’s understanding of its role? If gaps exist or come to light in the future, how can the two entities, CER and CERES*, reconcile them efficiently?
  • 3. Should the CER Steering Committee members be eligible to serve as CERES* Board members? 

Candidates should be familiar with AA’s service structure, Steps, Traditions and Concepts, and have at least 3 years of continuous sobriety. Prior experience at CER is a plus but not obligatory.

If interested in joining the working group, please send an email with AA service CV to the CERES* board ( OR the CER Steering Committee ( ASAP or no later than 01 August 2021

General questions can be addressed to Ronald, CER Chairperson (