CER Regional Assembly Agenda & Message from the Chair

Please find below the agenda for this weekend’s CER Regional Assembly in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. You will see that it is very full – a positive indication of the tremendous amount of service activity in the Region!

We ask that everyone giving reports to please keep the tight time frame in mind. We will do our best as a Steering Committee to keep us on schedule and ensure that we give sufficient time for everything.

We also ask that Region Officers and Region Reps/GSRs submit their written reports to the Secretary well in advance to allow sufficient time for circulation to the Assembly beforehand.

Please remember that we are electing a Treasurer this weekend. We have one candidate who has put his name forward. There is room for more. If you are interested in this vital service, please consider standing. We also need an Alternate Treasurer, so there are two opportunities to help keep the Region functioning properly in this essential service. Please give both positions some thought. Nomination forms can be filled out on the CER website in advance or nominations can be taken from the floor.

We are also looking for a new RECLO – Regional Electronics Communications Officer. Daniel rotates out in December and it would be helpful to have someone shadow him in the position for the remainder of the year. As you are no doubt aware, the CER website is our primary means of communication with the Region and the Fellowship at large. Daniel’s work and the work of the Electronic Communications Committee has been incredibly valuable. Having someone shadowing will ensure a smooth transition going forward.

Finally, we are electing nominees to stand for the position of General Service Board Trustee from CER, as Nigel is rotating into the Board Chair’s position. This is a much deserved honour for him and a tribute to his service. It is recommended that we send at least two nominees from CER to the Board for consideration (the Board makes the final selection). At present we have two nominees who are standing. Basic requirements are ten years of sobriety and having attended the General Service Conference as a Delegate or Alternate Delegate for three years (attendance at the 2018 Conference can be the third year). Several current CER Trusted Servants are eligible and we urge them to consider whether they might wish to stand for this important position.

The Nordic Intergroup and the local Fellowship has been hard at work prepping for our visit and we look forward to a great weekend of Service and Fellowship. Travel safely and see you in Stockholm!

In Fellowship,

Erik A.
Chair, Continental European Region


Agenda CER Assembly June 2017 v.1.0