If you need help with a drinking problem or finding a meeting, please send an email to help@nullalcoholics-anonymous.eu

If you have experienced a problem with our website, or have a suggestion on how to improve it, send an email to ecomm.cer@nullaamail.org

Service Position Email
Secretary*: secretary.cer@nullaamail.org
  * Messages to the Secretary are automatically copied to the Chair.
Chair: chair.cer@nullaamail.org
Vice-Chair vice-chair.cer@nullaamail.org
Treasurer*: treasurer.cer@nullaamail.org
  * Messages are automatically copied to the Alternate Treasurer.
Public Information Officer, PIO: pi.cer@nullaamail.org
Regional Trustee: trustee.cer@nullgsogb.org.uk
Arena Newsletter Editor: arena.cer@nullaamail.org
Archivist: archives.cer@nullaamail.org
Conference Delegates: confdel.cer@nullaamail.org
Young Persons Liaison Officer, YPLO: youngpersons.cer@nullaamail.org
Health Liaison Officer, HLO: health.cer@nullaamail.org
Armed Services Liaison Officer, RASLO: aservices.cer@nullaamail.org
Electronic Communications Liaison Officer, RECLO: ecomm.cer@nullaamail.org