Rotation: Handing Over Service Positions


As one of our Three Legacies, being available for service and taking on service commitments plays a vital role for a great number of recovering alcoholics. In my own experience, I have heard from members that having a service position at meeting was, at times, the only thing that kept them coming back to AA. Any newcomer I begin working with is immediately encouraged to take on a service commitment at a meeting. (In fact, this is the only hard and fast “rule” I make for my sponsees.)

When being of service, we quickly become acquainted with a number of practices that ensure the well-being of our Society, one being the principle of rotation in service positions. In order for a meeting or a service commitment to continue running smoothing, a good handover of any position to the next person is important. Just as when we start learning about the disease of alcoholism, we ought to learn what it is we are in for before making a beginning. The following is an example of such a handover, in this case it is for the Speaker Seeker of a Group. This is one member’s personal experience and represents neither this Newsletter’s nor AA’s opinion a whole.

Dear Incoming Speaker Seeker,

Here is a brief description of the process of being Speaker Seeker as it has evolved over the past year.

•    I share in other meetings that I am a speaker seeker and would welcome recommendations (plus email address of) potential speakers
•    Try to match the speakers, inasmuch as I know them, to the Steps
•    Contact the speakers by email asking for confirmation that they can and would like to speak
•    If yes, confirm and enter into Speakers‘ List. If no, try to find a suitable alternative date
•    Get the speakers onto the WhatsApp Group, if possible
•    Send the Zoom details to confirmed speakers
•    In the week leading up to appointment, send a reminder, asking if any further information is needed (Time Zone info is important!)
•    Also, send a reminder on the WhatsApp Group – this week, Mary from xyz will share on Step abc..‘
•    Try to be in Zoom Room at least 15 minutes before the meeting begins to greet speaker and get to know them better
•    In the week following the meeting, send a ‚Thank You‘ note  to speaker and offer follow-up, as appropriate…..
I tended to work in blocks, gathering recommendations over a period of weeks and then, in one or two days, trying to set up the next 12 speakers. Once a block was confirmed, I published the list on the WhatsApp Group. It was important for me to keep track of the primary media platform for my communication with the speakers (email, FB, WhatsApp, etc.) as this can be quite confusing. An overview saves time….

Without the help of those who recommended speakers, I would not have been able to provide the service that has evolved! I express my gratitude here.

Also, there are no ‚Star Speakers‘ in AA. As soon as we get into this mode, we are in EGO. A good balance of local and out-of-town speakers is worth pursuing. Length of sobriety is one important factor; quality of sobriety even more important, in my view

Feel free to pass this note on to the other members of the team and supporters in this service. Thank you all for your willingness to serve. I hope it gives you as much as it has given me.


In Fellowship,

Adam K, ArenA Editor

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