ROUNDABOUT – AA’s Magazine for Scotland

What is the Roundabout Magazine?

  • Roundabout is Scotland’s meeting in print; it’s a “meeting between meetings”. It helps newcomers or long-term members when they can’t get to an actual meeting. Physical distance from a town or lack of transport, health problems, family commitments can all make getting to a meeting difficult and our meeting in print arriving in the post can be very welcome.
  • It’s a way of showing gratitude by giving something back to the Fellowship, either by writing an article or taking out a subscription or both. Unlike other areas of service, there is no length of sobriety requirement. A day sober, a month sober and you can do this kind of service. 
  • It’s something that can help when doing service in prisons, hospitals, rehabs, doctors’ surgeries and the courts (make sure we remove the Diary Pages). Likewise when making initial contact with a newcomer in Twelfth Step work, it can be left with them to help explain what AA is all about and to help plant the seed.
  • It’s a platform for AA’s to share experiences, concerns, struggles and the joys of recovery.
  • It’s a webpage too. Two articles are selected from each monthly issue and are available both to read and to listen to. Previous month’s articles remain online to provide a substantial library of reading material. The webpage can be accessed from
  • In short, it’s another tool to maintain our sobriety.

Roundabout would be delighted to receive articles from our Fellowship friends in Continental Europe Region. Our email address is