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How do I get access to an official AA email address?

Our General Service Office (GSO) in York offers all serving Intergroup and Region Officers an official AA email address.

AAmail addresses usually consist of the service position followed by the intergroup name, for example is the address of the Italian IG Region Rep.

The AAmail service is managed by GSO and new addresses and passwords for existing addresses can only be given out by GSO, not by CER.

To get access to an AAmail address, GSO needs to firstly know that you are a serving officer at your intergroup. Once you are registered you can get access to AAmail.

To get registered with GSO please follow these simple steps below:

  1. Download, fill out, sign and date the “Intergroup and Region Officer Registration Form”.
  2. Fill in your personal email address and then tick the box “Please Supply me with an address”. If the AAmail address for your service position in your intergroup already exists, you will receive a new password to your personal email address. If no AAmail address exists for your service position, a new one will be created, and you will receive the log in detail to your personal email address.
  3. Ask your Intergroup chair or secretary to pass on your registration form to to inform GSO that you are the new serving officer in your position.
    NB: Some Intergroups may not know that they ought to be registered with GSO, and therefore, GSO will not have any information about your Intergroup. In this case, your Intergroup secretary can inform GSO that your intergroup exists and pass on registration forms for all serving officers.
  4. Once you are registered with GSO and listed in the Confidential Directory, you will be provided access to your AAMail address.

If you have any questions about this process or would like to check on the progress,  please contact GSO directly at



CER Secretary

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