Service Commitments Available: ArenA Editor and RASLO

Dear Fellow AA Members in Continental Europe Region, 

For the past three years I have been your ArenA Newsletter editor. In the spirit of rotation, it is time for me to pass on my duties to the next person looking to be of service and give back to the Fellowship. 

I feel it is safe to say the pandemic caused a fair amount of upheaval, and many service commitments as we know them had to change and adapt to fit the needs of our members. That said, this particular position has gone through very little shifts since I have been at the helm, though as the push towards virtual and digital options for carrying the Message increased, so did our readership. Since the beginning of my service commitment in September 2019, I am happy to report the number of our subscribers has more than doubled! It seemed as though, more than ever, people wanted to stay close and connected with each other through virtual events, workshops, and conferences, and to hear stories of experience, strength and hope from people going to any lengths to get what we have, pandemic or no pandemic. 

Why do I share this anecdote? Alcoholics Anonymous continues to thrive on the simple tenant of one alcoholic carrying the Message to another alcoholic. What is more, we do this based on attraction rather than promotion. However, we cannot attract if people are unaware of us. We cannot attract our own members to important events and service opportunities happening within our Fellowship if they do not know about them. The service commitment of ArenA editor plays a key role in connecting and informing our members, and assisting them in carrying the Message within our region and beyond! 

The main responsibilities for this service include: 

  • Update and send out newsletter on a monthly basis
  • Collect/request/wrestle articles from members who reside within or have a strong affliation to our Region and post them to our website on a regular basis 
  • Respond to emails and maintain correspondence with our subscribers/contributors/other officers/delegates 
  • Communicate on a regular basis with our Electronic Communications Liaison Officer (ECLO)
  • Ideally attend monthly regional steering committee meetings (virtually)  
  • Attend quarterly Assembly meetings (either in person or virtually – four times a year) 

Additional useful skills: 

  • Ability to use and/or learn WordPress/MailPoet 
  • Familiarity with newsletter/mass email systems 
  • Ability to update current system and assist with transition to MailPoet 3 
  • Very high level of proficiency in English
  • Editing/proofreading experience 

Other useful information: 

This is a fully-reimbursed Regional Officer position with voting rights at our quarterly Regional Assemblies. Recommended minimum length of sobriety is three years. 

While I still have your attention, Continental European Region is also looking for a Regional Armed Services Lesson Officer (RASLO). 

The RASLO is responsible for ensuring that information about the AA message and program of recovery is conveyed to Military Organizations within Continental Europe. Additionally, the RASLO coordinates with PI and if available Military Liaison at intergroup level the best practices to liaise with Military Organization. Duties often overlap with those of the PILO.

The main responsibilities of the ASLO Officer are to:

  • Liaise with Military Organizations, offering resources and literature recommendations 
  • Engage with Chaplain Offices to provide resources and summary of AA program
  • Attend quarterly Assembly CER Meetings and provide a written report of RASLO activities
  • Liaise with CER & GSO, York
  • Attend the annual meeting of Regional ASLO Officers in York
  • Work with other Officers, Committees & Sub-Committees when appropriate
  • The RASL Officer usually responds to emails within 72 hours.

This is also a fully-reimbursed Regional Officer position with voting rights at our quarterly Regional Assemblies. Recommended minimum length of sobriety is three years.

If the above descriptions speak to you or you know a member who might be a good fit, please do not hesitate to submit an application/nomination to Jennifer at and be able to attend our next online Regional Assembly meeting held on Saturday, September 3rd (more details to follow regarding exact times, etc.).

In closing, I will say that being of service to the Fellowship at this level has without a doubt had a deep and lasting impact on my personal growth in sobriety. Being present at assembly meetings has allowed me to witness the true democracy—one vote for one member—our Fellowship celebrates at a deeper level. What is more, I have been able to gain a broader understanding of the Traditions and the Concepts. These, like my own journey through and with the Twelve Steps, have become more than just words on paper. I now have more awareness as to the value of applying them in my life outside of AA, in all of my affairs, one day at a time. 

Thank you for letting me be of service. 


In Fellowship and Gratitude, 

Adam K., Berlin 

ArenA Editor

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