AA Service News Winter Edition

 Every year at this time, (beginning of December), we eagerly look forward to receiving the Annual Questions for Conference. Opening our envelopes with “Winter Edition of the AA Service News“, headlining “Questions for Conference 2018”.

If we are current delegates, we head straight to the page with “our” committee on it. What have we gotten to get our teeth into this time? Group consciences all over debating and deliberating the points for and against. Some wondering the value or merit of these topics and questions. Some saying, “Has it really been over three years since we last debated this issue?” Others, “Where do they get these questions from?”

Every year, Conference happens towards the end of April, from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. Over the years it has been debated: Do we need a longer Conference? Should it be shorter? What about every two years? How do we get better Questions more relevant to us?

The Annual Conference has two main purposes. First, so that members, groups, Intergoups and Regions can ask questions of the fellowship on subjects pertaining to them on Fellowship matters. And second, so that the General Service Board (GSO) can report to the fellowship through Conference on work undertaken over the past year through reports and presentations and thus can be accountable to the Fellowship.

Every year, the Conference Steering Committee sifts through submitted questions, rejects questions not thought to be relevant or those that have already been debated within the last three years, and boils them down to the final questions and topics. They to reply to unsuccessful submissions and ask others for more background on the questions that might be worthy of discussion. Not an easy task to be done in four meetings.

All culminating in the final Questions for Conference 2018 thanks to the members of the Fellowship who took time to submit them, Sharon at GSO for coordinating them and the Conference Steering Committee for debating and deliberating them, without trying to answer them.

To the Groups, Intergroups and Regions, thank you for taking time to debate the questions and topics. To the Conference Delegates, thank you for your service and time to attend Conference on behalf of your Region and coming up with the right answers, every year.

Click here to read the 2018 Conference Questions


Wullie I., GB, former GSB Trustee and Conference Delegate