Service Positions Available

We have some really important and exciting stuff going on at CER momentarily. The following positions are up for election at our Online Assembly in September.

  1. Secretary
  2. PI Officer
  3. Vice-Chair
  4. 2 x Alternate Delegates


  • The Vice-chair stands in for the chair if and when required. The vice-chair is a member of the CER Steering Committee and may be tasked with ad-hoc assignments as the need arises.
  • The Secretary is the primary communications facilitator and is crucial to the smooth running of our assemblies. The secretary is a member of the CER Steering Committee and is tasked with helping set the assembly agenda, recording the minutes, and ensuring all pertinent information is communicated throughout the fellowship.
  • The Public Information (PI) Officer is responsible for leading public information initiatives and cooperation with the professional community on the European level, as well as liaising with intergroup PI officers to share PI best practice and facilitate cooperation.
  • Alternate Delegates attend Conference if a delegate is unable to, as well as help with the delegates general service responsibilities throughout the year.


Full descriptions are available online in our service handbooks: