Service Vacancies: RECLO, CER Webmaster, HLO and Alternate Treasurer

We are pleased to announce four service position vacancies available within our Continental European Region.

We encourage you, or a member you know, who is interested and willing to be of service, to please fill out a nomination form on our website prior to the suggested November 25th deadline. Elections will be held during the online December assembly.

Please spread the word to our broader Continental European Region Fellowship and share on your group website so that we may fill these positions and continue to be of service and to carry the message of recovery to the still suffering alcoholic.

Below you will find a synopsis of the following available service role descriptions:

Regional Electronic Communications Liaison Officer (RECLO)

General requirements for the RECLO role include:

  • Working understanding of the Traditions, and the Service and Structure Handbooks
  • General competence with the use of computers, the internet and CMS (WordPress)
  • Minimum of three years’ sobriety

The RECLO’s main responsibilities are to:

  • Lead and assist the CER Help Response Service team
  • Support communications between CER, Intergroup and Groups electronically though the use of AAmail, the CER website, and online video conferencing
  • Stream quarterly face-to-face assemblies through online video conferencing equipment
  • Liaise between the Intergroup ECLOs
  • Attend the annual Regional ECLO meeting in York, linking CER to other Regions and the ECSC
  • If required, support the CER Secretary in answering general enquires and uploading assembly files, e.g. officer reports, agendas, minutes etc. to the online file store

Refer to section 3:5 Electronic Communications Liaison Officer of the AA GB Structure Handbook for more information that includes guidance concerning formation of a Regional Electronic Communications Committee.

CER Webmaster

General requirements for the CER Webmaster role include:

  • Working understanding of the Traditions, and the Service and Structure Handbooks
  • Technical competence with the use of computers, the internet and CMS (WordPress)
  • Minimum of three years’ sobriety

The Webmaster’s main responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure the CER website is online, accurate and maintained, especially our contact information, Meetings List and Events Calendar
  • Lead and assist the CER Web Updater team
  • Support the RECLO and ArenA Editor as and when required
  • Support the Secretary in ensuring all the latest and most pertinent information is available on our website, e.g. service position vacancies and the dates and locations for upcoming CER assemblies
  • If required engage the services of an external consultant, within the budget approved by the assembly, to help with any necessary website technical administration.

Health Liaison Officer (HLO)

The role of the HLO is to establish contact and maintain communication with healthcare professionals on behalf of Alcoholics Anonymous.

  • Reporting back to CER, the HLO should seek to promote AA externally as a means of carrying the message to the still suffering alcoholic.
  • The HLO should endeavor to promote Alcoholics Anonymous as a resource to healthcare professionals – one that is widely available and cost-free. Initially, the role might include providing information as to what AA is and does, always remembering that as a fellowship we are committed to remaining non-professional. In all their activities, the HLO should adhere to AA’s Twelve Traditions.
  • The HLO should monitor national policies on alcohol and identify opportunities for AA to cooperate with services within the health sector.
  • Finally, the HLO should stimulate interest and encourage health liaison service throughout the fellowship.
  • The HLO usually responds to emails within 72 hours.

Alternate Treasurer 

 Performs all the duties of the Treasurer in their absence, and provides a second signature on all transactions where possible, or at a minimum a second pair of eyes. It is a non-reimbursable position.

  • To ensure that contributions (clearly marked as ‘Donations’/’Spende’ for statuary reasons) are properly received and acknowledged;
  • To verify expense claims and ensure that trusted servants are reimbursed promptly for service expenses;
  • To maintain an accurate record of the CER accounts (“the books”) for audit by an independent accountant; consequently, the CER Treasurer also becomes the Treasurer for CERES* to match accountability with responsibility (for information on CERES* please read Chapter 7 on CER Finances);
  • To prepare and report to the Region Assembly the Quarterly Accounts for approval by the Assembly. To prepare any other reports as seen fit (e.g., meeting costs, annual year-end report, annual budget);
  • To maintain a list of Intergroup Treasurers and to propose Treasury workshops as needed;
  • To serve as a member of the CER Steering Committee;
  • To attend the yearly Regional Treasury Liaison Officer meeting (currently 3rd weekend of January) in York and share experience, strength and hope;
  • To respond to emails/reimbursement requests in 72 hrs. The actual process to manage reimbursements is more elaborate since this process includes the CERES* Chair (because of the 4-eyes principle – see Chapter 7) and will usually include international transfers. For transfers to non-Euro accounts, the expected processing time is usually 10 to 15 work days.


More Information:

More details on CER can be found online




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