Sober Sick Special

Hi Everyone! Greetings from Germany, where it’s very cold, but still sunny. I’m writing this from my sick bed where I’ve been for almost a week now. Today, I thought I’d finally use this down time, in between drinking hot tea and looking for fresh tissues, to get some paperwork done.

Then I saw that the ArenA Newsletter was up on the docket. That really made me laugh, just a perfect thing for me to do when I’m sick and feeling horrible. SERVICE.

I never, ever, ever used to get sick. (CorrectionI got sick plenty, but was too drunk to realize it.) So now, being sick and feeling crappy is a real treat. How great to actual FEEL something, eh?

Even the bad feelings are good, as long as you can feel them. (I know, I know – a topic in and of itself!) Too many of us have spent too many years hiding away from them – right? So this flu season, in between sneezing, red noses and sore throats, think just a short moment on how nice is to FEEL again.

And be blessed. If nothing else, know that you are blessed.

Yours in sneeziness and service,

Casey C.


P.S. Last time I called out for you to share your story with me. One person did. Thank you so much!! It takes time and energy to share and I, for one, really appreciate it.

So again, I humbly ask you: Who would be willing to share a story about:




Thanks in advance! Have a great 24! 🙂