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At the June 2016 Regional Assembly, Intergroup representatives and Central European Region (CER) trusted servants voted to create and maintain a CER membership list. The list will include all email addresses of CER officers, trusted servants and Intergroup representatives to Region, plus any other interested or active members. It will be managed by the ArenA editor and our RECLO* via the “subscribe” and “unsubscribe” options on our website.

Interesting articles, blog posts, upcoming events, workshops etc. can then be submitted by emailing the editor at:

Every once in a while, an update will be sent out to the subscribers with a summary of the changes. They can also be seen in the “News” section in the bottom left corner of the CER website.

And now the catch: WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

To kick this off, we are asking all interested members, groups, Intergroups and CER regional officers to subscribe to our newsletter. (All email from ArenA will have an “unsubscribe” option, so if it turns out you don’t enjoy it as much as we think you will – just unsubscribe!) Our goal is to maintain contact between CER and all our members, so please subscribe to our newsletter and forward this to those who may not have seen it. This is simple, fast, confidential and ensures that you will receive all communications from CER direct to your inbox.

To subscribe, visit the “ArenA News” in the “AA Members” section of the AA CER website at:

and enter your email address in the “Stay Informed – Subscribe to our Newsletter” box on the lower right and click “Submit”.

Thank you for helping us at CER to be of service to you and the AA fellowship.

Yours in service,

Ron D.

ArenA News Editor

* A “RECLO,” as we like to call him, is simply a confusing name for our “Regional Electronic Communication Laision Officer”. He’s really very nice and not at all intimidating like his name would suggest. 😉