Stockholm: June Regional Assembly


Hello CER Assembly,

Here is a summary of our last regional assembly, along with the draft minutes (attached) [0] with more detailed information.

“Nobba Brass och Nubbe” in magnificent Stockholm provided the venue for
our June Regional Assembly. Thirty-three AA members from all over
Europe, including new reps from intergroups not seen for a while, came
together to share our collective experience, strength and hope. With the
local Stockholm fellowship’s help as our splendid hosts, the meeting’s
atmosphere was buzzing with energy.

Initial queries about our 7th Tradition expenditure provided an early
opportunity to revisit what our Region’s primary purpose is, and to
reflect on the essential services we provide. For example; annual
participation at Conference, creation of handbooks / brochures,
maintenance of our comprehensive website, representation at health
conferences, providing assistance to isolated groups, and more [1].

Thirteen Region Reps/GSRs shared all the latest happenings from their
Intergroups/Groups, including PI on the radio in the South of France and
in international high schools in Vienna. Rheinland-Pfalz IG wants to get
the 24-hour helpline in Germany going again, and Triborders IG was
looking for information on how best to manage Intergroup finances. There
are also many local AA events, conventions, and workshops coming up –
see our website [2] for details.

We heard reports from our Regional Officers: Erik A., CER Chair,
acknowledged our packed agenda as an indication of all the great service
activities currently underway; Toby T., our Health Liaison Officer,
reported that CER will again represent AA at the ECMH in Berlin this
October; Nigel P., our Regional Trustee, informed us of his recent
election to Chair of the General Service Board; our Vice-Chair, Patrick
L. presented our revised guide to service at Region entitled 
CER – How it Works [3]” and reported that the CISCO situation has been 
successfully resolved; our Secretary, Matt S., communicated the new email service offered by GSO in York is now available
for all Regions, Intergroups, and Groups to use; and our ArenA Editor,
Casey C., reported that ArenA is steadily growing as our main news and
communications hub – keep those contributions coming in!

Many thanks to Laura W., our outgoing Treasurer, for all her stellar
service work, and welcome on board to Levey P. as our new Treasurer.
Please note there are three service positions coming up; Alternate
Treasurer, which will be voted on at the September assembly, as well as
RECLO (Regional Electronic Communication Liaison Officer) and the newly
created RASLO (Regional Armed Services Liaison Officer) to be voted on
in December. More information on the roles and responsibilities can be
found in the service manuals online here [4], and remember that CER
cannot function without new members partaking in service, so send those
nominations in! Also, best of luck to our three Regional Trustee
candidates; Erik A., Steve R., and Jeroen S., who were all approved by
two-thirds majority to proceed to the next interview stage.

The next Regional Assembly will be online on Sunday the 10th of
September 2017. Log-in details, along with the agenda, will be published
a few weeks in advance online here [5].

Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Yours in service,
Matt S.
Secretary, Continental European Region