Submit your Conference 2015 Topic or Question before August 31, 2014!

How to Submit a Topic or Question for Conference
Anyone can submit a topic/question: individuals, Groups, Intergroups, Regions or Board Members.
The topic or question should be something that concerns Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain (AA GB) as a whole. GSO will confirm that your topic/question has been received.
The Conference co-ordinator will pass on all topics/questions to the Conference Steering Committee (CSC) with no information about who sent them in. Items from an individual member, Group, Intergroup, or Region are treated the same.
The CSC will consider all topics/questions. If yours is not accepted, the CSC will write to you and explain why.
The deadline for submitting a topic/questions to Conference is August 31, 2014.
If you want to increase the chances of acceptance of your topic/question, please:
  1. Refer to the current Terms of Reference which lists the reasons for acceptance / non acceptance (these are reviewed annually and sent out with AA Service News-Summer issue).
  2. Look through topics and questions discussed by Conference in previous years.
  3. Look at the topics and questions that were not accepted in previous years.  (Information related to the above 3 points can be found on the AA GB website at
  4. Consider whether the topic/question is something more suitable for discussion at Group, Intergroup or Region level.
  5. Check if the topic/question is already dealt with somewhere in our literature.
  6. Make sure you include the supporting information which has led to your request for the topic/question to be discussed – this might include references to our literature, past Conference decisions or Board Reports.
  7. Include the intention behind your suggested topic/question.
All topics/questions should be addressed to:
The Conference Co-ordinator
General Service Office of Alcoholic Anonymous Great Britain
PO Box 1, 10 Toft Green, York YO1 7NJ, United Kingdom
Editor’s note: this article has been published in accordance with our ArenA Editorial Policy.