Twelve Steps I Took

I took one step, began to moan, I can’t do this on my own. 

I took two steps, began to pray, restore me God, today.

I took three steps, gave up my will, maybe God loves me still.

I took a fourth, I looked inside, nothing more would I hide.

 And on the fifth, I said aloud, I’ve done some wrong, and I’m not proud.

I took six steps, and got prepared, to lose the defects, I was scared.

Now I’m at seven, take them away, God, for this, I pray.

And on eight, the list was long, amends to make for all the wrong. 

I took nine steps, put down my pride, forgiveness asked, I will not hide.

Ten steps I take, each day I pray, make amends along the way.

And on eleven, I pray to know, each day His will, which way to go. 

I took twelve steps, I’m like a bird, to others now, I spread the word. 

George S.

Note from the editor:  This poem was written decades ago by George S. for his son when he came into AA.  George just celebrated 51 years. This article has also been published in accordance with our ArenA Editorial Policy.