Upcoming CER Assembly: September 2-3, 2023,  Zagreb, Croatia

CER Assembly: September 2-3, 2023,  Zagreb, Croatia  

Greetings All!  

In-person Attendance:  

Plans are underway for the upcoming CER Assembly scheduled for  September 2023. Those planning to attend in person are urged to make lodging reservations at your earliest convenience. The holiday season will be in effect which may impact costs and availability.  

The host intergroup could not reserve a block of rooms, preferably singles. Therefore, a list of lodging facilities is provided here:

Accomodation options

All are located within walking distance of the meeting facility and eateries.  

Meeting Format: 

The meeting will be hybrid to allow others to join online. The meeting room can accommodate a Zoom link and has adequate audio.  

CER Assembly Vacant Positions:  

As you well know, there are seven vacant positions at the CER Assembly level. These are: 

  1. Vice Chairperson 
  2. Secretary 
  3. Alternate Treasurer 
  4. Delegate to Conference (1)
  5. Delegate to Conference (1) 
  6. Delegate to Conference (2) 

Each of you is urged to solicit nominations for the above positions at the intergroup level and individual AA meetings. 

This can be done ahead of the Assembly by either completing the attached Contact Form indicating the position of interest or sending an email to the CER Assembly.  

The Guidelines outlining the responsibilities are also attached.  Persons interested in serving may attend the September Assembly to observe how an Assembly meeting operates but should notify the Assembly prior to attending.  

On the first day of the Assembly, time is devoted to reviewing the Assembly structure and responsibilities.  

You are urged to spread this information. It will also be listed under events in the Arena Newsletter and on the CER website. 

CER Assembly Agenda:  

The Agenda for the upcoming Assembly will be made available  shortly. 

If there are any questions or suggestions with regard to the  Assembly meeting, please contact the Acting Secretary or the  Chair. 

In service,  


Chair CER


This is the Regional Service Manual which spells out the duties and terms of office for CER Assembly positions.


CER Assembly Contact Form

Lodging suggestions:

Westin Hotel:  

Note: This is a great rate €105 for a 4 star hotel. 

Air Bread and Breakfast

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