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All meeting updates are now done directly from the meeting page itself. 

  1. Find your meeting here
  2. Go to the bottom left side to the “Request a change to this listing” and fill the form

Important Notes:

Requesting a change will only make changes to your meeting as listed on our website. It does not change the details of your group registration with the General Service Office in York, Great Britain. Therefore, all groups will also need to change their registration details separately with GSO. This can easily be done online here.

CER’s list now also obtains meeting data directly from several intergroup websites. Therefore, any new meetings and/or updates to existing meetings within the following intergroups need to be made directly at the intergroup website:


Members whose name, email, and/or phone number appear as meeting contacts should be prepared to take responsibility as AA contacts. This implies that these contact details will be listed online as the local meeting contact on our website, and that the contact is prepared at any time to:

  • accept a call/email for help
  • receive calls/emails from members of the Fellowship enquiring about the meeting

We suggest that generic and anonymous AA service-based email accounts and help-line numbers are used wherever possible.

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