12th Step Volunteers Needed


For the past 6 months, I’ve been doing service volunteering on the 2020 Survey Sub-committee of the General Service Board (GSB) of AA Great Britain (AAGB). As most of you know, the Continental European Region (CER) is one of 26 Regions that make up AAGB. 

You might also know I’m a believer in the slogan, “service keeps us sober.” So as pandemic restrictions drag on month after month, I can honestly say this service has really helped maintain my sobriety despite restrictions on F2F AA meetings, events or one2one with sponsees and newcomers.

One of my tasks on the sub-committee has been writing about the survey for the AAGB website and authoring email invites sent to Groups in GB and CER encouraging participation in the Group and/or Member Surveys. I’ve also been making suggestions to our General Service Office (GSO) on running an email campaign since both surveys are almost exclusively online. 


The survey response rates have given me a front-row seat to see how many AA groups and members are willing to do 12th Step work. I’ll agree, clicking a link, entering a password and ticking off boxes in an online questionnaire is a far cry from meeting with an active alcoholic who has reached their rock bottom; confronting with compassion her/his tears, anger, remorse and hopeless desperation. But it is 12th Step work.


The individual Members’ Survey (Phase 2) began on Dec. 7th with GSO emailing 3080 groups (registered with York) a batch of unique passcodes for their members.

To date, 1250 members from 250 groups have completed the online survey. For comparison sake, the last survey done in 2015, attracted 2200 completed questionnaires when done exclusively through members’ home groups using paper, pen and snail mail post. 

If each Secretary/contact of a group that hasn’t yet returned any completed questionnaires from members could persuade just one member to participate, we’d be really close to matching 2015’s total. If they could get just two members to take part, we’d blow past the previous total; proving beyond a doubt AA’s can overcome the obstacles of a pandemic or whatever else life puts in our path.



Access the Member Survey by clicking or copy/paste this link into your browser:


Enter one of the unique passwords that Chris N. from GSO emailed to your group’s contact. New/additional passwords upon request: phone +44 1904 644026 or email survey@nullgsogb.org.uk



Here is a sample text used by my Tue. 11th Steppers hybrid meeting to send one unique password to each of our group’s members via our WhatsApp chat group:

Hi Bob – I’m sending you a password to access the AA Member Survey. Takes 10 minutes and 100% anonymous. Keeping it simple, Bill

Survey link https://wh1.snapsurveys.com/s.asp?k=159985102558

Your unique password is XXXXXXXXX



The Group Survey (Phase 1) as of 01 January 2021, has been completed by 964 groups in GB and CER. But considering 3080 groups were emailed invitations, the 31% participation rate is less than any previous survey going all the way back to 1972 (for example, the 2015 Survey had a 42% response rate).



Access the Group Survey by clicking or copy/paste this link into your browser:


Enter the unique group password which was emailed to your Group in November. But If you didn’t receive one or are among the 2000+ Groups which have no email contact registered with York – you’ll need to ask GSO by phone +44 1904 644026 or email survey@nullgsogb.org.uk to send you a password. Be sure to mention which group you represent when emailing.



Both Group and Member surveys can be done using paper, pen and SwissPost.

Post completed surveys to:

2020 Survey of Alcoholics Anonymous GB

PO Box 1, 10 Toft Green

York YO1 7NJ, United Kingdom



On behalf of the 2020 Survey Sub-committee of GSB:

  • We urge all Members in CER to participate in the Members’ Survey – 10 minutes of service can make a real difference.
  • We urge all Groups in CER to participate in the Group Survey, regardless if you are registered with GSO or received an email invitation. 
  • Need new or more passwords? phone GSO +44 1904 644026 or email survey@nullgsogb.org.uk
  • Take the Survey before it closes 24 Jan. 2021.


Submitted by Joel B, Zurich, Switzerland