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Wednesday 20:00 CET/CEST

Type:    Big Book Study

Notes: This is an AA Big Book Study that meets by SKYPE every Wednesday at 8pmCET / 2pmEST-US. We adhere strictly to the AA 12 Traditions.

The purpose of this meeting is to learn from the Big Book how to improve how we each work the 12 Steps. It is open to all AA who (per 3rd Tradition) have a desire not to drink. AA friends and family are also welcome.

We use a question/answer/comment format that takes us through the Big Book paragraph by paragraph looking for the authors’ “clear cut directions” in each paragraph. The purpose of the questions is to slow us down to focus on each sentence, or sometimes each word in a sentence. The answer to a question is just to read the next sentence out of the Book or parts of a sentence in some cases.

We pause for comments after each paragraph. During our comments we stay focused on finding the principles and “guides to progress” we find in the paragraph or which may directly relate to the paragraph from other parts of the book.


To join: A few minutes before 20:00 CET/CEST, click the link above.


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