Why all the hoopla about “Conference Questions?”

If you have not been solicited to offer your own response – or your group’s conscience, to the thirteen Conference Questions (CQ’s) for 2017, you’ve probably been backpacking in Patagonia without access to email or Internet since New Year’s Day. If that’s the case (lucky you) or you missed the CER Delegates’ call for responses, this post is for you.

Hoopla and Hype

The hoopla about the 13 Conference Questions is no Peter and the Wolf fake news or empty hype.  In April, AA’s annual General Service Conference will vote to approve, or deny, recommendations from Delegates to the specific questions AA members have put forward this year.

Do you want your Delegates to make up their own recommendations to these important Conference Questions? they don’t either –  but if we do not receive your input, that is what you are asking us to do.

  • Is it okay to post pictures or videos of events on social media
  • Should problems other than alcohol be shared at meetings?
  • Should AA discontinue printing and distributing paper publications?

These are just three of thirteen important Conference Questions to be decided at the upcoming General Service Conference in York, GB.

Share your intergroup/group’s experience

Answer some of the Conference Questions – or as many as you like.

Then send responses to Delegates using one of 3 channels we have set up to make giving us your feedback a quick and easy exercise in AA service:

  1. Submit responses directly using our Online Feedback Form
  2. Send responses via normal email: delegates@nullalcoholics-anonymous.eu (each Delegate will receive any mails sent to this address)
  3. Send your responses to us through your region’s IG reps or GSRs.

Lastly, if your IG/Group needs any support, we are available to assist you immediately.

Yours in service,
The 2017 CER Delegates and Alternate Delegates
Carina, Sandra, Tim, Matt, Roger, Ronald, Ron & Joel


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