Sunday 18:30 CET/CEST

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Type:  Zoom Video conference Meeting .

To join the meeting you will need to register and download Zoom onto your device (There is no cost involved). Then click on this link and your in!

Notes: Meetings are held through Zoom video conference. Webcams are used, although their use is not compulsory our meeting conscience is that we prefer to use our webcams.

There is Fellowship in the form of the “Meeting before and after the Meeting” often half an hour each side of the meeting start and finish time.

Please mute your microphone when not speaking.

The meeting is on a 12 week cycle opening with discussion of our daily routine, we then move forward through the 12 steps in the following 10 weeks and a topic for the final meeting in the cycle: ‘Living a life beyond your wildest dreams through the 12 steps’.

If you are struggling or new to AA and want help with your drinking problem, send chat directly to the moderator in the meeting room (Group Officer leading the meeting) or contact us via the below group email address.