Young and Sober – A New Podcast

Young and Sober! is the podcast where we explore what it means to get sober under the age of 30, and stay sober.

The podcast was started by the Young Persons committee of South London Intergroup. The purpose of the podcast is to make AA accessible to young newcomers and young people that are considering AA as a solution to getting sober. 

Hosted by Christian L and Alex OB (who both got sober under the age of 30), Young and Sober! covers a range of themes, exploring life was like pre-sobriety and how it’s evolved since getting sober with a different guest each week. Themes covered on the podcast include Work, Relationships, Dating, Spirituality and much more.

You can listen to the podcast on various platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube. Use this link to choose the platform you want to listen to it on:

You can also follow @youngandsoberpodcast on instagram for updates and ask questions on the show. Please note, the podcast is unofficial AA and not endorsed by AA GB. Any opinions expressed on the show are those of the individuals and not AA as a whole.’

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