Your Voice Matters: Questions for Conference 2019

There are many reasons why our fellowship is so unique. Anywhere in the world, we can walk into a room full of strangers and know that we are with people who understand us. People who might break into laughter when hearing about tragic drinking episodes, simply because they can relate and have had similar experiences. These people are the ones who show us how our misery can be turned into good for others.

Another extraordinary component of our fellowship is that we all have an equal voice when it comes to making decisions for our groups, intergroups, regions, and ultimately, the fellowship as a whole. Unlike many other organisations, there is no one at the top making decisions for us that we simply have to accept. Each of us holds the privilege and responsibility of shaping the direction of our fellowship.

But how exactly do we do that? 
Through the conference process, the fellowship takes its inventory as to how to better carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic. This is done through a set of questions released every year at the beginning of December. These questions come from the fellowship itself. Input and experience on the questions is then sought from all members, groups, intergroups and regions. It is then the responsibility of the delegates of each region to bring the collective group conscience from their respective region to conference. There, the delegates from all regions discuss the questions, share experience and make recommendations that are communicated back to the fellowship. (Read more about the exact process here.)

Why is our participation crucial?
All members are encouraged to discuss these questions in their groups and intergroups and share their answers with their respective delegates. This helps to ensure that their voice is heard when the recommendations from conference are formulated. By sharing our experience on the conference questions, each of us helps to participate in an informed group conscience that ultimately aims to enable us to continue to be there for the alcoholic looking for help.

What are these questions, and where can they be found? 
If your group is registered with the General Service Office (GSO) you will have received them in the Winter 2018 AA Service News. This year, some interesting topics such as the public image of AA, digital voting equipment, internet safety, the role and place of young people in AA, a special UK version of the Big Book, and many more will be discussed. Also, new literature items that are aimed at enabling us all to better carry AA’s message will be proposed for approval by conference. Join the conversation! Let us know your views.

What to do once responses to the questions have been formulated? 
There are several ways of submitting you answers to the conference delegates:
• Using the online form that can be found on the AA EU website
• E-mailing the answers to the delegates directly at 
• Joining the CER Delegates Pre-Conference 2019 Webinar on Sunday, February 17th from 10am – noon
• Discussing answers at the next CER Regional Assembly, from March 2nd – 3rd (Online participation will be possible.)

Whom do we contact if we want to know more and have additional questions?
Your team of delegates is available year-round to support your group, intergroup and region at every stage of the conference process. The best way to get in touch is via e-mail at

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours in service,

CER Delegate Team 2019
Andre, Carina, Casey, Daniel, Dena, Jonathan, Levey, Ronald, Tim