From the Archives: Inventory Questions

Note from the Editor: It is 10th Step season, but as it, like the 4th Step, involves taking inventory, these questions from the ArenA archives seem fitting.  12 questions for […]

“It Is What It Is”: Toxic Tautology

In meetings and conversation with other A.A. members I’m hearing the phrase, “it is what it is,” almost as often as our Preamble. Expressions in which the same thing is […]

How many piano tuners are there in Chicago?

PIANO TUNERS and HCP REFERRALS Do you know how many piano tuners there are in Chicago? Or closer to our primary purpose, how many problem drinkers could be referred to […]

Come to ITALYPAA 2022 in Bologna!

Dear AAs, My name is Giordano C. and I am an alcoholic. I am the committee chair of Italypaa 5. This year, after the various restrictions due to the pandemic, we […]