Come to ITALYPAA 2022 in Bologna!

Dear AAs, My name is Giordano C. and I am an alcoholic. I am the committee chair of Italypaa 5. This year, after the various restrictions due to the pandemic, we […]

Rare Service Opportunity to Take the Pulse of AA

SUMMARY GSB Survey Sub-Committee seeks 3 new members to assist in executing the next membership-wide survey. Strategic planning sessions are launching summer 2022. Minimum 5 years sobriety. Details and application […]

It Works When You Work It

Like practically everyone else who has gone to an AA meeting, you’ll probably be very surprised the first time. The people you see around you look mostly normal, healthy, reasonably […]

New Contact Line for Rhein-Neckar IG

RNIG (Rhein-Neckar) – Contact phone line We are pleased to announce that RNIG now has a new telephone number for the region. This number is available for a range of […]