CER Assembly | September 2023 | Zagreb, Croatia

Greetings All! Plans are underway for the upcoming CER Assembly scheduled for September 2023. Those planning to attend in person are urged to make lodging reservations at your earliest convenience. The […]

Love and Step 8

Editor’s note: Fellows share their experience with Step 8 and the spiritual principle of Love.    We make amends when we have done harm, not because we have hard feelings. […]

Humility and Step 7

Editor’s note: It’s summer in the region and this month’s topic is humility and Step 7. We hear fellows sharing their different experiences: David talks about how his needs shifted […]

Willingness and Step 6

  Editor’s note: The 12 Steps are a program of action. We can act our way into right thinking and not the other way around. Life changes and perspective widens […]

We pocket that pride

  Editor’s note: For this issue fellows are sharing their experience, strength and hope with Step 5 and Integrity. Integrity is about becoming whole and Step 5 allows us to […]

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