Auch AA meeting

  • Monday, to 9:00 pm
  • Centre Social

    13 Rue Montaigne
    32000 Auch
  • South West France
  • English
  • The Monday evening Auch meeting holds a simultaneous physical and an online meeting, check the site for link : The Auch meeting has now re-opened. However, this situation may change if there are further developments with regard to the Covid-19 situation and you are strongly recommended to telephone one of the contacts listed below before travelling to attend the meeting. Social distancing measures will be imposed at the meeting until further notice. These will include physical spacing with a maximum of 10 attendees allowed in the room, the wearing of protective masks (please bring your own) and washing of hands (please bring hydroalcoholic solution or equivalent hand sanitiser if you can).
  • English/French bilingual meeting
  • Contact 1
    Name: James
    Phone: 00336 07 57 51 10
  • Updated June 17, 2020