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ARENA Blog Editorial Policy

The ArenA Newsletter of the Continental European Region of Alcoholics Anonymous publishes articles, notices, and announcements that reflect the full diversity of experience and opinion found within the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. The newsletter editor relies on the principles of the Twelve Traditions. Personal stories in ArenA reflect the shared experience of individual AA members working the AA program and applying the spiritual principles of the Twelve Steps.

Yet what works for one individual or AA group may not always work for another. For this reason, from month to month, articles may be published that appear to contradict one another. Seeking neither to gloss over difficult issues, nor to present such issues in a harmful or contentious manner, ArenA tries to embody the widest possible view of the AA Fellowship.

The ArenA editor reserves the right to accept or reject material for publication. Articles and content are evaluated and, while some editing is done for purposes of clarity, styling and length, the editor encourages all writers to express their own experience in their own unique way.

Articles are not intended to be statements of AA policy, nor does publication of any article constitute endorsement by Alcoholics Anonymous, the Continental European Region or ArenA. Articles are invited, although no payment can be made nor can material be returned.

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