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Bringing CER to Your City

Twice a year, the CER assembly meets in person. These face-to-face assemblies are a great opportunity to engage with and open our meeting to local members, and to hopefully give them a good insight what CER is about.

In order for our assembly to meet in person, however, we need the help of intergroups/groups to organise our stay, and to act as hosts for the assembly. The role of the local AA fellowship hosting CER is to liaise between the venue and present relevant information about the location.

We are currently looking for intergroups/groups to send proposals for hosting CER in March and September 2025 .

What is required for hosting an assembly?

Ideally local groups and/or intergroups that would like to host a CER assembly make a proposal to the assembly at least one year in advance.

It is important that the proposed venue has a strong Wi-Fi connection (ideally tested in advance) capable of hosting video conferencing technologies and good acoustics, as we offer members who cannot travel the opportunity to join online. The venue also needs to accommodate 35-40 people and should be centrally located and easily accessible from most major transport hubs.

Additionally, wehen considering a location, the two most relevant factors tend to be venue cost and host city accessibility from other parts of Europe. If reaching the location requires more than one airline
transfer, it typically becomes both cost and time prohibitive for officers and members.

How to propose hosting an assembly?

Any intergroup/group wanting to host an assembly should prepare a written proposal that includes the following information:

  • Short description of the planned location
  • Venue summary
  • Summary of expected costs for hosting the meeting, such as
    • Rent
    • Facilities
    • Catering
    • Block room rates, if venue has an on-site hotel
  • Simulated costs for air, train, and coach transport from various European locations – this should
    include a mix of major and medium sized cities
  • At least five average lodging rates for hotels near the venue (AirBnB and hostel rates)
  • Additional information, like reaching the venue from the nearest air, rail, and coach hubs, and
    public transport availability and prices
  • Local AA meeting schedule
  • If possible, home-stay options (where local AA members host travelling fellows)

Written proposal can be sent to CER Secretary. Before you prepare your bid, please also have a look at more information on How to Host a CER Assembly.