CER Vice-Chairperson

CER Vice-Chairperson


The CER Vice-Chairperson is a vital support role within the Continental European Region (CER) of Alcoholics Anonymous, primarily serving as the deputy to the Chairperson. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair assumes all related duties. A key responsibility of this position is coordinating the biennial revision of the ‘CER – How it Works’ document and seeking Assembly approval for any updates. The Vice-Chair may also be assigned ad hoc tasks by the Assembly as required.

In support of the Chair, the Vice-Chair is involved in organizing CER meetings, setting agendas with input from various stakeholders, and attending Steering Committee meetings. Communication with members, groups, intergroups, officers, and CERES* is a crucial aspect of this role. The Vice-Chair facilitates the smooth operation of CER as a service entity accountable to intergroups, groups, and members.

Candidates for the Vice-Chair position are expected to have a minimum of 3 years of continuous sobriety and familiarity with AA’s foundational literature and service guidelines. Knowledge of ‘The AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain’ and ‘The AA Service Handbook for Great Britain’ is essential, along with additional resources that provide insight into AA’s service structure and history.


Deputy RoleActs as the CER Chair in their absence, assuming all related duties.
Document CoordinationManages the biennial revision of the ‘CER – How it Works’ document.
Meeting OrganizationAssists in setting agendas and facilitating CER meetings.
Steering CommitteeParticipates in Steering Committee meetings.
CommunicationMaintains open lines of communication with AA members, groups, and officers.
Ad Hoc AssignmentsUndertakes additional tasks as assigned by the Assembly.
EligibilityRequires a minimum of 3 years of continuous sobriety and familiarity with AA literature and service guidelines.

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