Hello members of CER, Here are a few announcements from our Secretary: Online Feedback Form – Conference Questions 2018 The CER Delegates have now opened their Online Feedback Form again to receive your answers to the Conference Questions. Please note responses can also be provided at our next Regional Assembly in Vienna on the 3rd-4th […]

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ROUNDABOUT – AA’s Magazine for Scotland

What is the Roundabout Magazine? Roundabout is Scotland’s meeting in print; it’s a “meeting between meetings”. It helps newcomers or long-term members when they can’t get to an actual meeting. Physical distance from a town or lack of transport, health problems, family commitments can all make getting to a meeting difficult and our meeting in […]

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Conference Questions 2018

Questions for Conference 2018: We want to hear your views!   The 2018 AA General Service Conference is rapidly approaching and the CER Delegate team want your input. “Conference” is the primary method that the AA fellowship in Great Britain and the Continental European Region takes its inventory. This is done by requesting answers to […]

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