A Sober Pandemic

I wanted to get sober but I didn’t want to stop drinking alcohol. That was pretty much my life for all the 10 years that I drank. Drunken parties where I came home stumbling in the dark fumbling for keys that may or may not have been there. How I lived my life pre-pandemic was […]

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Daily Meditation Meetings from Geneva on Zoom

What one meeting used to be like, what happened, and what the Daily Meditation Meetings are like now.  There used to be a Geneva-based meditation meeting. Fellows got together every Friday morning at 7:30am for a one-hour meeting, starting with 10 minutes of meditation followed by a reading of the chair’s choice. Attendance was very […]

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CER Chair’s Report September 2020

Dear Fellows, Welcome to the September Assembly of the Continental European Region of AA Great Britain. We are meeting today online as circumstances have not allowed us to meet face-to-face, as initially planned. These circumstances, resulting from the greatest public health challenge in our lifetime, have had a dramatic effect on our fellowship and how […]

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