Incomplete and Lonely

  A newcomer remembers the first and last drunk before coming to A.A.   I always felt incomplete and lonely. I had that hole deep inside of me and I could never really fully connect with anyone until I discovered alcohol. I started drinking when I was 18. I went to Paris where I walked […]

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My First YPAA Experience

My name is Martin, and I’m an alcoholic. Alcohol did for me what I could not do for myself. I loved it for what it could make me feel or not feel, depending on the day. I’m not sure which I loved the most, four drinks that felt like someone undoing the highest button on […]

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A Note From Your New Editor

Hello, my name is Adam, and I am an alcoholic. At the most recent Regional Assembly held online in September 2019, I was elected as your new ArenA Editor, serving the Continental European Region.  I am originally from Iowa, USA but have lived in Germany since 2006. I have been based in Berlin since 2009 […]

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