21 August 2021 The 2nd English International Online A.A. Convention in the Netherlands – Our 35th A.A. Convention Online meetings were a new thing to us a year ago and very few heard of Zoom let alone the idea of a online Convention, but we persevered. Ever remembering to practice our 12 step work, whenever […]

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General Service Board Trustee Vacancy

A little over three years ago, the Continental European Region (CER) elected me as one of its nominees for Trustee of the General Service Board (GSB) of Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain, the service structure for AA in Great Britain and English-language AA on Continental Europe. I had been somewhat reluctant to stand. CER had nominated […]

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It’s Art for God’s Sake

It’s not my name that matters here, but instead that I am an alcoholic and you, the one reading this, may likewise also identify as one. It has never been my experience that in AA anyone would ever ask me to do something that I could not first verify for myself through action, as the […]

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